Dollyrockers and Liberty for All

Originally posted on Stars We Are:
Originally I was going to write about Liberty Prints, from their groovy 60′s prints to today’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics and Target, until I came across another…

Fashion Videos That Tell a Story

Fashion videos don’t have to suck!  First, too many take themselves way too seriously at the expense of a connection with the audience, and secondly, I don’t think I can look at another… Continue reading

Dark Eco-Fashion by Guillermo H. Fornillo

Guillermo is an artist who works in mixed and multi-media to create one-of-a-kind pieces that he uses in fashion editorials. Originally from Argentina and now living in Los Angeles, I have known him… Continue reading

Opposites Attract: Wearing it Backwards

This is just an observation on wearing clothes in ways other than originally intended. For example: wearing clothes inside out, backwards, upside down, on the wrong body part, etc… Last week the early… Continue reading

Masters of Deconstruction!

if you click on the title below…nothing happens…really nothing… it was a video but it was taken down… Originally this was going to be a post about the Utilitarian/Techno Fashion of 90′s through… Continue reading

Has Style Really Changed in the Past 20 Years?

In the article, “You Say You Want a Devolution?” By Kurt Andersen published in Vanity Fair this month, the author talks about how when political, economic and technology changes happen at a rapid… Continue reading

MoodBoard – Surface Texture Fall/Winter ’11/12

  There’s a lot of texture going on, below are the five main trends for Fall/Winter ’11-’12… Leather, Lace, Feathers, Fur, Sequins, Paillettes, Metallic fabrics and trim…   …     and let’s… Continue reading

Color Mood Board Fall/Winter ’11-’12

ELECTRIC HUES inspired by brights found in nature, specifically underwater sea life and reptiles, neons, ombre, brights with depth. The Naturals…. inspired by natural materials such as shell, leather & wood, and by… Continue reading

Future Perfect: Space Age Mods for Fall/Winter 11-12