Illuminated Clothing

I’ve been obsessed with illuminated clothing lately. I know it’s been around since the ’90′s rave scene, but with the resurgence of raves and the advancements in portable LED technology, I’m seeing more… Continue reading

Fresh Prints by Nature and Science

I’m feeling that print direction is going toward the nature and science end of things, it just really looks fresh and it’s “accidental” look controlled by ultraviolet light and heat makes for unique… Continue reading

Legwear for Winter 2011

Legwear, this non-fashion basic has taken more risks lately, socks, tights, hosiery, leg warmers, leggings have been re-invented to become a creative extension to the wardrobe. They’ve become both the “star” and support… Continue reading

Minimalism -Mood for a Blank Slate

Minimalism, the clean slate of fashion, the class act, the reserved sibling of ornamental trend, from past to present it’s always here to keep us real, here’s the mood for 2011…    … Continue reading

Sci-Fi Themes in Fashion

In 2003, I had to come up with a collection for a Fashion Merchandising class. My theme was a line of contemporary tops and jackets that were influenced by science-fiction.  It was a… Continue reading

Cardin: Space-Age Design is Back to the Future

Pierre Cardin (88) returns to the runway after 10 years. His current Spring 2011 collection is an updated take on his 1960′s space-age designs, and unfortunately lacking in spirit and design compared to… Continue reading

Fashion Film: Take 1

Film and digital video are increasingly becoming an important medium for fashion as a tool for promotion, documenting, and for fictional narrative in a collection.   A few of these venues include Fashion… Continue reading

Mary Katrantzou: Spring/Summer 2011

She creates what looks like package design for the body, and I mean that in a good way.  Her prints, placement and colors along with the silhouettes represent functional ornament with an industrial… Continue reading

LA Fashion Designer: Marina Rahlin

Marina Rahlin’s collection of cocktail dresses are sophisticated and whimsical at once. Classic and sexy silhouettes with modern details, such as unexpected cut-outs, contrast fabrics, colors and graphic prints that pop!  The look… Continue reading