Cardin: Space-Age Design is Back to the Future

Pierre Cardin (88) returns to the runway after 10 years. His current Spring 2011 collection is an updated take on his 1960’s space-age designs, and unfortunately lacking in spirit and design compared to the original. (see above) According to The New York Daily News (9/29/2010), he’s not too thrilled about this collection himself, due to it being designed mostly by licensees who don’t take risks, which Cardin believes is a problem with designers today. (S/S 2011 collection below) It’s almost impossible to update the future, especially a cool imaginary one that he and other designers in this genre of fashion … Continue reading Cardin: Space-Age Design is Back to the Future

Fashion Film: Take 1

Film and digital video are increasingly becoming an important medium for fashion as a tool for promotion, documenting, and for fictional narrative in a collection.   A few of these venues include Fashion Film Festival a touring film festival in its 5th year, with screenings in London, New York and other cities with it’s next program in December, and A Shaded View of Fashion Film an online and touring festival, recently screened in Paris and is currently seeking submissions for their next program.  As fashion is encouraged to be creative and forward on the current scheme of things, the same … Continue reading Fashion Film: Take 1

Mary Katrantzou: Spring/Summer 2011

She creates what looks like package design for the body, and I mean that in a good way.  Her prints, placement and colors along with the silhouettes represent functional ornament with an industrial edge.  Katrantzou is an amazing print designer, well-known for her innovation in digital prints…(which  I’m still trying to find out if that means it’s a direct digital print on the fabric/garment? or if it’s sublimation print?…or some other process I don’t know about…it looks too detailed and sharp for direct print, but she uses silk..hmmm… anyway….)  In this collection, she showed trompe l’oeil prints that depicted architectural … Continue reading Mary Katrantzou: Spring/Summer 2011

LA Fashion Designer: Marina Rahlin

Marina Rahlin’s collection of cocktail dresses are sophisticated and whimsical at once. Classic and sexy silhouettes with modern details, such as unexpected cut-outs, contrast fabrics, colors and graphic prints that pop!  The look is feminine, bold and eclectic as the designer herself. I had the opportunity to interview Marina, via email about what inspires her. You mention in your site that rock n’ roll is part of what inspires you…what music are you listening to now? right now, I’m listening to Gogol Bordello, they are a Gypsy punk band and they are amazing! I saw them live, here in L.A, … Continue reading LA Fashion Designer: Marina Rahlin

Patrick Kelly

I never knew much about this designer until today, and fell in love with what I saw…I have seen his influence everywhere.  Patrick Kelly, was an American fashion designer, who became successful from the mid to late ’80’s, from selling dresses on the street to having them sell at stores such as Henri Bendel, Bloomingdale’s, and Bergdorf Goodman, and celebrities Cicely Tyson, Bette Davis, Grace Jones, and Isabella Rosellini were among his clients.  His collections were fun and quirky, the style was form fitting and heavily embellished, using buttons, ribbons, or found objects. These collections were only produced from 1985 … Continue reading Patrick Kelly

Velvet! Fall 2010 Mood Board

    There are few fabrics that can be classified as both rock and royal at the same time, velvet is one of them. There are many types, but in my opinion, crushed and burnt has the most personality, with it’s variance in color and texture.   For now velvet is at home on the street, not head to toe velvet, unless it’s the Bodkin catsuit, but as accents, trims, or one strong piece, be it shoes, skirt, jacket, vest, or a simple dress silhouette.  A little goes a long way and dressing it down is key.  Think rocker, crushed … Continue reading Velvet! Fall 2010 Mood Board

Elaine Style

Okay this is just a quick post, I was going to dismiss this subject completely, but then took a second look and realized there is some validity to the New York Times article about the Elaine (from Seinfeld) look. Mostly during the grunge years of the show from 1989-1995, where dresses, denim, and hair in a messy bun were mixed. Of course this look wouldn’t be interpreted literally, but the elements of mixing floral dresses with masculine shoes, and layering with a denim vest would work today According to The New York Times article, The New Adventures of Old Elaine, … Continue reading Elaine Style