The Mighty T

“I’ve always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.” -Giorgio Armani What doesn’t the t-shirt go with? Kimberly Ovits bamboo jersey tee $165 James Perse cotton tee $50 Old Navy cotton tee $12.50 Today’s post has been brought to you by the letter “T.”

Corrine Day, Photographer 1965-2010

“I don’t take fashion too seriously,” – Corrine Day, The Guardian (1993) Fashion photographer Corinne Day (2001) When I think of the mood of fashion in the 90’s, I think of Corrine Day’s stark images, awkwardly posed and un-retouched.  In 1990, Day’s photos of her friend, Kate Moss, were the first published pictures of Moss.  She went against all model type conventions, such as height, 5′.7,” a no curves figure and freckles. Although, there was nothing especially glam about her, Corrine saw a muse in her, and other models that went against type. This was typical of Corrine Day’s style, glamour and…

70’s New York Fall Style

Summer is nearly over, but that’s okay because I love the Fall, it’s my favorite season. It’s still warm, but now breezy and change is in the air.  I tend to associate the Fall look with 1970’s Manhattan, even though I was born and raised in LA. Of course all these associations come from films, not from actual experience, although I did visit New York a couple of times, for work trips, but didn’t stay long enough to enjoy it, and I’ve never been during the Fall.  The films of Autumn in New York represented the change in seasons more dramatically than…

Frock Stars

Photograph by Danielle Levitt; Photographed at the Carlyle, a Rosewood hotel. From left: Suzanne Golden, Patricia Fox, Lynn Yaeger, Iris Apfel and Tziporah Salamon. These ladies have some amazing style, they are also creative professionals who are the fashion darlings of New York.  This photo was taken for a tea party at the Carlyle Hotel, for the recent New York Times article, “Garb Fest,” written by Lynn Yaeger.  I stumbled upon the photo in a Fashion blog called Advanced Style, where the personal style of older folks is celebrated. Suzanne Golden: Bead Artist, creating wearable art and beaded jewelry Patricia Fox: Interior…

Bohemian Palette

Sasha Pivovarova in “Bohemian Way” photographed by Emma Summerton with set design by Simon Costin for Vogue Italia February 2010. This bohemian fashion editorial from Vogue Italia 2/2010, caught my eye, colorful, rich, eccentric and creative.  This is great Fall inspiration for colors, textures and prints. Mixing cool muted tones with bright hues, anchoring it with deep darks. mixing textures: crochet, ethnic prints, lace, tie dye, embroidery, appliques, suede, velvet and metals. Mixing prints/ “Eccentric Royalty”: animal, geometric, floral, tapestry, iconic spiritual and ditzy floral.