T-Shirt Noir

In 2004, I  started working in the apparel industry, and went from Production Assistant to Graphic Designer, where the bulk of my industry experience is from. After my last full-time job ended in… Continue reading

What Would Jarmusch Do?

What can I say, Jim Jarmusch is one cool deadpan American original. Influential and effortless. When Stranger Than Paradise, (1984) was released, it stood out stylistically among films of that time. He shot… Continue reading

Grunge Dress Inspiration

Welcome back grunge and diy dressing.  A very wearable and comfortable lifestyle statement, that’s a momentary relief from glam. No Logos, No Labels, just creative layering, lots of it. Thrift store dresses (especially… Continue reading

Blade Runner Style

I have a thing for sci-fiction fashion. It’s so imaginative, highly functional and looks amazing while in action. Blade Runner (1982) has to be my favorite sci-fi film in terms of style, very… Continue reading

I LoveThe Little Black Dress

I chose this first post as a nod to the little black dress for a few reasons.  It’s a classic, and follows no rules except its own in being versatile and able to… Continue reading

It’s a Modular World: interview with Sandra Garratt

Multiples Sandra Garratt is no stranger to innovation. She is best known for her modular clothing brands, Units (1979) and Multiples (1989), both which sold in malls throughout the US.  Multiples was a… Continue reading